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Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

“Tubes” as they are known are a surfers lifeblood and a thing of natural beauty. We salute these adventurous photographers who, one of whom is named Clark Little, armed with a waterproof camera and perfect timing, were able to snap … Continue reading

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Venice, Italy Photographed From The Sky

Venice, the “City of Water,” is located in northeast Italy, spanning 118 islands in the Venetian Lagoon. Buildings in Venice were constructed on wood piles driven into the mud, sand and clay layers under the lagoon. Many of the buildings in Venice still sit on these piles driven more than a thousand years ago.

During the 2008 Venice Film Festival Dan Kitwood, an entertainment photographer from Getty, took the opportunity to make some aerial images of Venice.

View Venice, Italy From The Sky!

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An Island Made Of Plastic Bottles

In 1998 British eco-pioneer Richart Sowa began filling nets with empty discarded plastic bottles to support a structure of plywood and bamboo, on which he poured sand and planted numerous plants. The end product was Spiral Island – a floating … Continue reading

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The Most Gorgeous Glaciers On Earth

The United Nations Environment Program tells us that glaciers are disappearing from Earth so try to enjoy these beautiful wonders while you can.

Take a look at these 19 stunning Glacier photos on then consider booking a Glacier vacation. Many travel companies offer trips in Alaska, Canada and even the lower 48 – a quick Google search for “glacier adventures” returns many interesting results. Continue reading

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Visit Old Time Cuba Without Leaving the U.S.

The one place most Americans can’t visit in the Caribbean, legally at least, is Cuba. And even if they could, those searching for some sort of Buena Vista Social Club meets Ernest Hemingway romance may be disappointed: just about the … Continue reading

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Earth’s 10 Top Snorkel Spots Revealed

Do you want to experience the gentle West Indian manatee? Look for elkhorn coral and juvenile reef fish? Spot a gregarious flock of stingrays? Underwater photographer and adventurer Tanya Burnett-Palmer shares her favorite places to sightsee beneath the waves. Not … Continue reading

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8 Great American Landmarks To See Before You Die

When you look at any these American landmarks your heart should fill with pride for the Red, White and Blue.

Some of the landmarks listed are very well known while others are on the obscure side. None-the-less it is your duty as a tax paying American citizen to visit each one before your dirt.

Check out “8 Great American Landmarks To See Before You Die” then head over to your favorite travel website and book your American adventure.

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