Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

Wave Tube 10

“Tubes” as they are known are a surfers lifeblood and a thing of natural beauty. We salute these adventurous photographers who, one of whom is named Clark Little, armed with a waterproof camera and perfect timing, were able to snap these incredible pictures.

Wave Tube

Wave Tube 01

Wave Tube 03

Wave Tube 04

Wave Tube 05

Wave Tube 06

Wave Tube 07

Wave Tube 08

Wave Tube 09

Wave Tube 11

Wave Tube 12

Wave Tube 13

Wave Tube 14

Wave Tube 15

Wave Tube 16

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138 Responses to Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

  1. Ana says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. Aaron says:

    These are all from one photographer, Clark Little. Just want to make sure credit is given where it’s due.

  3. cold_b33f says:

    technology and mathematical genius…our earth is rad.

  4. Tamo says:

    Speechless! Bravo to the genius who photographed these!!!

  5. Carlos says:

    I agree completely with Aaron. Credits must be given to the photographer, Clark Little

  6. Sam Deane says:

    glorious pics – I can feel the salt water rushing unexpectedly up my nostrils!

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  8. Josefo Manu says:

    Beautiful… specially the ninth from top to bottom… looks like the fin of a marlin, and the colors are something else… splendid frame of time and form. Cheers.

  9. Adam says:

    Did you just steal a bunch of photos from a photographers website?

  10. Don't just steal stuff says:

    @Adam – yes they did.
    Internet thievery at it’s worst, not even a credit.
    To repeat what’s been said – Clark Little
    – google:
    clark little photography

  11. Web Media says:

    Those are great shots!

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  14. ViolentLee says:

    Clark Little rules. You, not so much. Add a credit line and gain back a little karma.

  15. lynne says:


  16. lida says:

    I trust that you are posting these with Clark Little’s permission. Otherwise you have stolen his work and he can enforce copyright via legal means. Regardless … it is appaling that you have not credited his work.

  17. sven says:

    i saw these pictures at an art gallery in maui. good photography!

  18. Aladin says:

    The best photos I’ve seen last few years, makes my day.

  19. Peter Jones says:

    Your site is excellent and very well laid out with good info. Keep up the good work. Then click read other hubs by thor6 for the rest. And please follow me at
    Take care and be safe out there.

  20. Fariba says:

    WOW!Great photos thanks for sharing.

  21. Adam P. says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. What gorgeous colours of green, blue, turquoise, emerald, tan, foamy white, etc. These pictures are vibrant with action and have a life of their own. I love the very first picture of the Earth, air and sea. Where on Earth were these photos taken?

  22. Oliver G. says:

    I think deep down these images spark a peace of the innermost soul that everyone feels but only few have experienced, and those few are only the narliest surfers

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  24. Absolutely breathtaking photography – but he’s nuts…

  25. violet butterfla says:

    waoo . .

  26. Ruth Vilmi says:

    Congratulations to Clark Little. Absolutely stunning work. Too bad that others try to steal it.

  27. LISA RAHALL says:

    Totally TUBULAR

  28. Terry Day says:

    Outstanding images, the best wave photographs I have seen in over 30 years…Beautiful collection.

  29. Tyne Barry says:

    Location please? No credit to the photographer? You’re a traffic whore!

  30. Petrta Serdecki says:

    Clark Little. I shall remember his name. Beautiful pictures!

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  32. milo says:

    Real surfers paradise, makes me want to go to Hawaii again ;P

  33. Erick Sibaja says:

    La luminosidad y el balance de color me gusta mucho, es un magnífico trabajo fotográfico. Felicitaciones !!!

  34. Nice shots. I haven’t see these. These all are very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Linda Michel White says:

    What a unique skill. Thank you for sharing.
    Linda Michel White

  36. Ok, I admit… this IS amazing! Love the pictures here!

    Malaysia Asia

  37. Ram says:

    Wow, i have seen this fist time in my life. I am happy to see this.

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  39. yinoway says:

    This is shocking. As a manufacturing person, I wonder how you clean up lenses at each shot?
    I do not think that you go back beach after every shot, don you?

  40. rainlight says:

    wow these are seriously gorgeous.

  41. BRIAN says:


  42. وفاء says:

    سبحان الله العظيم

  43. Isma says:

    Wow nature no science can beat it. Clarke welldone.

  44. astha kabra says:

    awesome photography!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hats off!!!!!

  45. Maria Conley says:

    Wow oh Wow those are awesome photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Danna says:

    I allmost can hear the sound of the waves hiting the water,amazing,just beautiful!!!

  47. Lazy says:

    It’s very beautiful!!! Thanks!!!

  48. der Wind says:

    Schöne Bilder . Aber es zeigt die Kraft der Natur . Irgendwie , ich habe Angst davor .

  49. Mahlet says:


  50. T Aulebo says:

    How about adding art to the list for keawords? The collors, the teksture, the composition – the fotos are beautifull.

  51. Guy Dub says:

    Amazing – you could loose yourself for hours!

  52. Linds says:

    I need to plan a surfing vacation!

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  55. canvas art says:

    my god, I’ve missed my calling, I need to surf!!

  56. Kevin says:

    Quite possibly the coolest pictures I’ve ever seen.

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  62. sharon says:

    Wavealious. Any chance there will be a calendar?

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  64. larry sunset says:

    thank you for these wonderful shots!!!


    larry s.

  65. axel says:

    amazing…keep on doing that..

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  69. tweetie says:

    Beautiful shots.

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  87. Thomas Drozd says:

    What beautiful shots!! Makes me want to move there!!

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  90. Nathan Derksen says:

    Beautiful photos, but you really need to give credit to the photographer ( )

  91. Nathan Derksen says:

    Whoops, sorry, I see you did have his name in there after all. Still, it would be good to link to his site.

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  98. Tanushree says:

    Its the most adventurous and fabulous photography I have ever seen in my life. I really need to learn so much from this.

  99. Wicked Photos!!! Thanks for sharing.

  100. Kevosims says:

    Uekhjfifjwk! Since words don’t have much probability of describing the feeling these captures illicit in my soul I will have to say I can only hope to make up a new type of expression that does not have pre-existing definition. Thank you for being a seeker. Don’t stop.

  101. Ginal says:

    They write: ‘…these adventurous photographers who, one of whom is named Clark Little…’.

    Give him full credit if he took all of these amazing photographs, he has earned it.

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  103. Nicole says:

    I think the most amazing photo was the sunset shining inside the tube. I had no idea that there was such beautiful pictures taken. It goes to show that twitter is an awesome site to find cool things to share. Thanks to @articlesfyi I can now share these pictures with my family. You should have a way to offer them for sale. I’d like one on my wall. Cool!

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  106. Adam says:

    Do not try to surf #4. That is a close-up picture of the wake of a power boat prop.

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  108. Midge says:

    Can I purchase some of these? I want to be able to give credit where it’s due!

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  110. Mr. X says:

    So how much money have you made from this since you started?

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  113. C Satchwe says:

    Those photos are properly stunning! 6th one down is my fave 🙂

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  115. Pradeep says:

    Amazing…. !!!

    visualization … ..

  116. Alyssa says:

    These are some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen in my life.

  117. ciara says:

    awesome pictures!! they were amazing

  118. milad says:

    divane konandast!
    best photo!!!

  119. Lori Robinson says:

    I wonder what thrill the photographer had doing these/ He works day and night, night and day and we spend two minutes in the comfort of our homes aweing and whooing? I say he has the better part – magic images – and for him much even more; its gotta be that much more to be in a photographer’s secret places.

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  122. pwn says:

    Really a view creates great difference….

  123. Tony says:

    Absolutely breath-taking, what an experience it must be getting these images!

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  126. Lisa says:


    nice pics!

  127. kimcav says:

    Wow, some amazing photos!

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  131. giselementry says:

    I am very impressed. Thank you for sharing this view of the ocean that I have never seen. Incredibly beautiful!

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