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Visit Old Time Cuba Without Leaving the U.S.

The one place most Americans can’t visit in the Caribbean, legally at least, is Cuba. And even if they could, those searching for some sort of Buena Vista Social Club meets Ernest Hemingway romance may be disappointed: just about the … Continue reading

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Earth’s 10 Top Snorkel Spots Revealed

Do you want to experience the gentle West Indian manatee? Look for elkhorn coral and juvenile reef fish? Spot a gregarious flock of stingrays? Underwater photographer and adventurer Tanya Burnett-Palmer shares her favorite places to sightsee beneath the waves. Not … Continue reading

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8 Great American Landmarks To See Before You Die

When you look at any these American landmarks your heart should fill with pride for the Red, White and Blue.

Some of the landmarks listed are very well known while others are on the obscure side. None-the-less it is your duty as a tax paying American citizen to visit each one before your dirt.

Check out “8 Great American Landmarks To See Before You Die” then head over to your favorite travel website and book your American adventure.

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Richard Branson’s Life at 30,000 Feet

Richard Branson bootstrapped his way from record-shop owner to head of the Virgin empire. Now he’s focusing his boundless energy on saving our environment. Branson visited the TED conference and discussed the ups and the downs of his career, from … Continue reading

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World’s Remotest Inhabited Tropical Islands

Looking to go on an exotic vacation but visiting the Caribbean isn’t remote enough for you? If you’re feeling extremely adventurous consider heading to one of the remotest inhabited topical islands on Earth.

Sure it might take more than a hop, skip and a jump to get to a place like Ascension Island but just imagine…blue skies, white beaches, clear blue water and no city madness for thousand and thousands of miles in every direction.

Check out 5 Remotest Inhabited Tropical Islands to see what you have been missing. Continue reading

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What To Expect From The 2009 Perseid Meteor Showers

The 2009 Perseid meteor showers are expected to peak on Tuesday, August 11. If you are in a location that calls for clear skies astronomers are predicting a dazzling show with up to 80 visible meteors per hour. After the … Continue reading

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Moment of Impact: Midair Collision Pictures Revealed

On August 8th, 2009 a small plane and a New York City sightseeing helicopter collided over the Hudson River. It was the second aviation incident to take place on the Hudson River in the last year. Pictures of the moment … Continue reading

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