Iconic New York Yankee Photos


Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, Mattingly, Jeter and the list goes on.

Not everyone might be a New York Yankees fan but all sports fans can appreciate their illustrious history and the legends that wore Pinstripes.

For a blast from the past check out these Iconic New York Yankee Photos.

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Happy 33rd Birthday To NASA’s Space Shuttle!

Space Shuttle

In September 1976 the first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, was unveiled by NASA.

Construction in the Enterprise began on the first orbiter on June 4, 1974 Designated OV-101, it was originally planned to be named Constitution. However, a write-in campaign caused it to be renamed after the Starship Enterprise, featured on the television show Star Trek. On September 17, 1976, Enterprise was rolled out of Rockwell’s plant at Palmdale, California. Continue reading

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Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

Wave Tube 10

“Tubes” as they are known are a surfers lifeblood and a thing of natural beauty. We salute these adventurous photographers who, one of whom is named Clark Little, armed with a waterproof camera and perfect timing, were able to snap these incredible pictures. Continue reading

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Golden Gate Bridge Gets Lit Up By Lightning


If woken by a tumultuous storm outside, most of us will wisely pull the covers over our heads and try to go back to sleep. For one plucky photographer though, it was the chance to dash outside and capture some truly electric images.

Frank Fennema from California made the trip from his home in Tiburon down to the Golden Gate Bridge and with perfect timing captured the Golden Gate Bridge, shrouded by fog, getting lit up by fork lightning. More pictures here…

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Remembering the 1920 Wall Street Bombing


The 1920 dynamite attack that took place on Wall Street just steps from the NYSE and the spot where George Washington was sworn in was one of the worst attacks on U.S. soil in history but is all but forgotten today.

Here is a little historical crash course about “The Corner” as the incident became known. Continue reading

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Galapagos Islands As Seen From Space


On September 15, 1835 the British navel ship H.M.S. Beagle landed at Galapagos Island carrying a young scientist who would go on to change the way the world looked at the development of life on Earth.

Charles Darwin traveled with the H.M.S. Beagle for nearly five years. It was his time aboard the ship and the sights that he saw, most notably Galapagos Island that helped him formulate his greatest work, the publication of On the Origin of Species in 1859.

We salute Darwin’s Galapagos journey by looking at the island from above. Continue reading

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Teddy Roosevelt Became President 108 Years Ago


They don’t hold White House lunches the way they used to at the beginning of the century. On Jan. 1, 1907, for example, the guest list was as follows: a Nobel prizewinner, a physical culturalist, a naval historian, a biographer, an essayist, a paleontologist, a taxidermist, an ornithologist, a field naturalist, a conservationist, a big-game hunter, an editor, a critic, a ranchman, an orator, a country squire, a civil service reformer, a socialite, a patron of the arts, a colonel of the cavalry, a former Governor of New York, the ranking expert on big-game mammals in North America and the President of the U.S.

All these men were named Theodore Roosevelt. Continue reading

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