Before He Was The “Bambino” Babe Ruth Was A Pitcher

Babe Ruth red Sox

Before he was the home run slugging “Great Bambino” Babe Ruth was a pitcher, a very good pitcher.

In his career “The Babe” went 94-46 with a 2.28 ERA in 163 games. In the World Series Ruth was one of the best ever, pitching a record 29 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings.

In 1920 Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the New York Yankees and the rest is history. So let’s take a look back at Babe Ruth…the pitcher.


Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 1Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 2Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 4

Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 7Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 8Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 3

Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 12Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 15Babe Ruth Pitcher  - 10

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5 Responses to Before He Was The “Bambino” Babe Ruth Was A Pitcher

  1. Patrick H says:

    awesome photos! Time Magazine named Babe Ruth one of the top 10 greatest left pitchers of all-time. pretty interesting.

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