Celebrating The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock

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Back in August of 1969 Michael Lang and friends set up shop on a rented 600 acre daily farm in upstate New York and unexpectedly set in motion what would become one of the most pivotal moments of the 1960’s.

The “3 Days of Peace, Love and Music” that took place from August 15th to 18th still live on in the photos below.


Woodstock 06Woodstock 33Woodstock 52

Woodstock 09Woodstock 64Woodstock 59

Woodstock 51Woodstock 41Woodstock 18

Woodstock 10Woodstock 12Woodstock 36

Woodstock 26Woodstock 17Woodstock 25

Woodstock 11Woodstock 65Woodstock 69

Woodstock 32Woodstock 37Woodstock 55

Woodstock 47Woodstock 24Woodstock 35

Woodstock 01Woodstock 43Woodstock 53

Woodstock 68Woodstock 30Woodstock 60

Woodstock 03Woodstock 34Woodstock 28

Woodstock 20Woodstock 27Woodstock 44

Woodstock 53Woodstock 45Woodstock 14

Woodstock 02Woodstock 15Woodstock 08

Woodstock 16Woodstock 42Woodstock 29

Woodstock 04Woodstock 57Woodstock 62

Woodstock 23Woodstock 40Woodstock 13

Woodstock 38Woodstock 31Woodstock 22

Woodstock 56Woodstock 55Woodstock 05

Woodstock 66Woodstock 63Woodstock 48

Woodstock 46Woodstock 58Woodstock 68

Woodstock 61Woodstock 50Woodstock 07

Woodstock 19Woodstock 21Woodstock 49

Woodstock 54Woodstock 67imw0093636

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