Before The Beatles: John, Paul & George Were The Quarrymen

The Quarreymen

In 1956 John Lennon formed in a band called The Quarrymen with several school friends from his school. The group played parties, school dances and other small venues in their home town of Liverpool. In the early 1960’s the The Quarrymen added two new members, changed their name to The Beatles and the rest as they say is history.

A Few Editor’s Notes: Some of the pictures are from early Beatles days – I included them as well because they are interesting. If you have any pictures that we forgot to include please send them over.

• Please help us caption these pictures – email with information (names, dates, venues, quirky facts) about a specific picture and we will add it in the caption.

The Quarrymen - 9

The Quarrymen - 14

The Quarrymen - 16

The Quarrymen - 17

The Quarrymen - 28

The Quarrymen - 30

The Quarrymen - 32

The Quarrymen - 3

The Quarrymen - 4

The Quarrymen - 5

The Quarrymen - 6

The Quarrymen - 7

The Quarrymen - 1

The Quarrymen - 8

The Quarrymen - 10

The Quarrymen - 11

Early edition of The Beatles with Ringo Starr on drums

The Quarrymen - 12

The Quarrymen - 13

The Quarrymen - 18

The Quarrymen - 19

The Quarrymen - 20

The Quarrymen - 21

The Quarrymen - 22

The Quarrymen - 23

The Quarrymen - 25

The Quarrymen - 26

The Quarrymen - 27

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7 Responses to Before The Beatles: John, Paul & George Were The Quarrymen

  1. Its amazing how long they’ve been in the music world and bringing entertainment to all of us!

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  4. Phos.... says:

    What’s the story on “The Pressmen?” Anybody have a clue?

  5. fascist lemur says:

    i go to john lennons old school, they were called the quarrymen ‘cus the schools quarry bank.

  6. edgar says:

    Not all the pictures are “Quarrymen”. In some they were already “The Beatles” specially those with Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best.

  7. Ken Wilson says:

    You do wonder why they sacked Pete Best as the drummer. Maybe Lennon and McCartney thought he was too good-looking?

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