Tiger Woods’ Top 10 Greatest Shots


When a two-year-old Tiger Woods appeared on national TV it was obvious he was destined for greatness.

On Saturday, September 12th Tiger Woods had one of the most dominating rounds of golf in his career. Woods shot a 9-under 62 setting the Cog Hill course record and effectively blowing away his BMW Championship competition.

Woods is on his way to winning the 2009 FedEx championship and is well on his way to becoming the greatest golfer of all time. Being that we witness history every time Woods hit the course (think the modern day Babe Ruth) we’ve decided to give you his ten greatest shots.

2008 Bay Hill, 18th Hole

Tiger Woods’ drains a 24-foot putt to win Bay Hill by one over Bart Bryant.


2008 U.S. Open: Playoff, 18th Hole

Tiger Woods hits a birdie on the 18th hole to force sudden death against Rocco Mediate. Tiger would go on to win with a par on the next hole for his third U.S. Open title.


2008 U.S. Open: 3rd Round, 18th Hole



Underrated CoursesMJBabe Ruth


2008 U.S. Open: 3rd Round, 17th Hole

Tiger sinks his shot from the rough for birdie on the 17th hole of the U.S. Open at the Torrey Pines Golf Course.


2008 U.S. Open: 3rd Round, 13th Hole

Desipte an injured knee Tiger drains an eagle putt on the 13th hole that would get him back into the game.


2006 British: 2nd Round, 14th Hole

Under pressure Woods sinks the shot from the fairway for eagle which would help him win the tournament.


2005 Masters: 4th Round, 16th Hole

Considered one of Tiger’s greatest shots ever, he chips in from off the 16th green . The ball hung on the lip for a few seconds before falling in.


2001 Players Championship, 17th Hole

After nearly hitting off the island at Saw Grass, Tiger shows off his putting skills by nailing a triple break from long distance.


2000 PGA: Playoff, 16th Hole

As the ball in about to drop into the cup during his playoff with Bob May, Woods pulls out the famous finger point.


2000 PGA: 4th Round, 18th Hole

Tiger sinks the final putt on the 18th hole to force a playoff.


2000 U.S. Open: 4th Round, 16th Hole

Tiger sinks a 15 foot putt to save par.


2000 U.S. Open: 3rd Round, 6th Hole

Tiger in deep grass atop the fairway bunker hit a miraculous shot and was able to birdie the hole.


1997 Phoenix Open Hole In One

Hole-in-one, need we say more?





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3 Responses to Tiger Woods’ Top 10 Greatest Shots

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  2. golf goffer says:

    Geez, the pressure really showed on the 2008 Open – you’d just never believe that such an amazing shot was going to follow after the look on his face as he gets himself prepared.

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