Where Land Meets Sea: 49 Hawaiian Lava Flow Photos


At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park you can view red hot lava up-close and personal. In the east rift zone of Kilauea alone lava flows at an average rate of 800-1,300 gallons per second and this has added over 500 aches of new land to the island since it first erupted in 1983.

These dare devils have stepped close enough to the action to feel the heat and here are 49 photos to prove it.

Hawaiian Lava Flow 01Hawaiian Lava Flow 50Hawaiian Lava Flow 42

Hawaiian Lava Flow 34Hawaiian Lava Flow 32Hawaiian Lava Flow 30

Hawaiian Lava Flow 29Hawaiian Lava Flow 44Hawaiian Lava Flow 41

Hawaiian Lava Flow 31Hawaiian Lava Flow 27Hawaiian Lava Flow 43

Hawaiian Lava Flow 14Hawaiian Lava Flow 15Hawaiian Lava Flow 03

Hawaiian Lava Flow 12Hawaiian Lava Flow 17Hawaiian Lava Flow 24

Hawaiian Lava Flow 37Hawaiian Lava Flow 46Hawaiian Lava Flow 48

Hawaiian Lava Flow 13Hawaiian Lava Flow 10Hawaiian Lava Flow 08

Hawaiian Lava Flow 26Hawaiian Lava Flow 23Hawaiian Lava Flow 16

Hawaiian Lava Flow 40Hawaiian Lava Flow 51Hawaiian Lava Flow 35

Hawaiian Lava Flow 19Hawaiian Lava Flow 07Hawaiian Lava Flow 28

Hawaiian Lava Flow 22Hawaiian Lava Flow 18Hawaiian Lava Flow 52

Hawaiian Lava Flow 21Hawaiian Lava Flow 09Hawaiian Lava Flow 49

Hawaiian Lava Flow 39Hawaiian Lava Flow 11Hawaiian Lava Flow 05

Hawaiian Lava Flow 38Hawaiian Lava Flow 47Hawaiian Lava Flow 33

Hawaiian Lava Flow 25Hawaiian Lava Flow 06Hawaiian Lava Flow 45

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3 Responses to Where Land Meets Sea: 49 Hawaiian Lava Flow Photos

  1. Patrick H says:

    must take a long of courage to get this close to lava flows. so much can go wrong.

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